POKA boats and outboard motor

POKA owns two boats suitable for fishing, which are freely available to club members. A small outboard motor is also available. 
Boats are booked internally by the club   via the Boat booking system page, where you can see the current booking situation.

Motorboat (Iines)

Type: Paro 470 Classic
Location: Suomenoja marina
Equipment: Oars, anchor, ropes, rests, havi. The club also has jerry cans.
Engine: Tohatsu 4-stroke 20hp vm. 2016 (the picture shows the previous engine)
Description: Excellent two/three-person small food fishing boat. Console steering, no electric trim/tilt.
Rental price: 15 euros per day ( 20 euros per day for graduates)                                                                                      

Iines is a full-sized fishing boat acquired by the club in the spring of 2009, in which three people can fish comfortably. 
Unlike rowing boats, the use of Iines is not free, a formal usage fee is charged for e.g. to cover maintenance and insurance costs. The amount of the payment and other essential information are described in the attached rules of use. All members using Iine are obliged to take care of the boat. Boat users are also required to have basic boating skills at sea, and the club's board wants to make sure that the user has the skills. Thus, the 2009 board has decided that the boat's users must be approved by the board. If you want to use Iine, you should send a free-form application by email to the board. This applies to all members, regardless of how active and experienced the club member is. In the application, you must put your own previous boating experiences and you can mention, for example, whether you can read a nautical chart, etc. For those who have not yet been on a boat, the government is trying to organize training. The right to use the boat can be obtained, for example, by chartering, i.e. using the boat under the supervision of a person approved by the board of the fishing day. Races can be carried out, for example, on club trips where the boat is included. You can also take part in the competition by, for example, booking a fishing trip for someone from the government who knows how to use a boat. If you have any questions regarding the use of the boat, please contact the board. The rules of operation are not intended to make the use of the boat difficult, only to try to ensure that the valuable boat remains in usable condition as well as possible. If you have even a little interest in using a boat but don't have the skills in advance, there is no reason to be discouraged - feel free to contact the board and ask about it. The boat is intended for all members equally, and the higher the utilization rate, the better! You can ask the following board members for the keys to the boat:

  • Aarni Mäkelä, aarni.makela(at), o44 5881187

Terms of use

  1. Only POKA members may use the boat. There must always be at least 1 member in the boat who has been deemed by the board to be a competent boat user and has been granted the right to use it. The board will provide a short training session if it deems that the member is not competent to operate the boat.
  2. The boat user is responsible for the boat during its days of use. The user of the boat is the member of POKA who has reserved the boat. If the boat is damaged during the day of use, the user of the boat pays the deductible part of the insurance, or if the damage is minor, the government can order the user to pay a fine, which goes to the maintenance of the boat and the maintenance fund. A €30 fine is given for a significant dent. The board member must always separately check the severity of the dent. Damage to the boat must always be recorded in the log book.
  3. The user, date of use, possible problems, defects or dents are recorded in the log book. You can also write a short description of the day in the log book. The logbook is kept on the boat. Filling in the log book is mandatory.
  4. The condition of the boat must be checked before commissioning. If there is any damage to the boat, you must report it to the master of the boat, for example by text message, before putting the boat into use.
  5. If the user neglects to use the boat, the board can deny the member's right to use the boat.
  6. The boat can be reserved for 5 days in a period of three months.
  7. The boat can be booked at a time also for longer than 5 days. However, longer reservations must be negotiated with the government.
  8. It is possible to book the boat for the next day if it is free, even if the 5 booking days are already full.
  9. The boat is always reserved for POKA's official trips, if a boat is needed during the trip.
  10. The boat master is allowed to use the boat without usage fees. However, he has to book a boat like everyone else.
  11. Honorary yachtsmen Tommi Ullgren and Anssi Keskinen have 6 free days of use every year, which they can book 3 months in advance. Honorary boaters can also book a boat normally.
  12. The fee for the boat is €15/day and €20/day for graduates
  13. If you want to cancel the reservation, the person booking the boat must cancel the reservation no later than 7 days before the reservation starts. Otherwise, the booker will have to pay the rent if no one else uses the boat. However, in cases of illness, for example, the matter can be negotiated with the government.
  14. The board has the highest decision-making power in all matters related to the boat and the rules.

Payment information

When you want to use Iine, you must pay the usage fee with the following information:
  • Account number:  FI04 1432 3500 0629 30
  • Recipient: POKA
  • Reference number: 1232
  • Amount: €15/€20
If an injury occurred during use and you have to pay the fine described in the rules for a small dent, it will be done with the following information:
  • Account number:  FI 04 1432 3500 0629 30
  • Recipient: POKA
  • Reference number: 5432
  • Amount: €30
Pay the fine only after you have discussed the matter with the board and the board members have checked the condition of the boat.
Other possible payments (compensations for larger dents, etc.) are agreed separately with the government.

Rowing boat (TTERhi)

The boat is a low-sided two-person fishing boat that works perfectly in the (generally) calm conditions of Laajalahti, but for more serious fishing you should consider using, for example,  Iines  .

Type: Rowboat
Location: Otaniemi, Laajalahti
Equipment: Oars, anchor
Description: A handy boat for zander fishing in Laajalahti, for example
Rental price: Free (only rented to members of the club)

Kuharaato is located on the shore of Laajalahti mainly for walleye fishing. Boats are intended for use by all POKA residents and there is even fish in Laajalahti. 

When you use the boat, also take care of it, after all it is the common property of the club (ie also you). The cod is stored on the beach, so be careful when moving the boat in/out of the water so that the bottom is not damaged by the stones or other obstacles on the beach. When you leave the boat on the shore, make sure that it also stays in place and does not swing and break when the water rises, for example. If you notice significant damage to the boat (or accidentally cause it yourself), inform the government immediately!
The boat is kept locked on the beach with a chain. In addition to locking the boat, also take care of the accessories (oars, anchor, hawser) and make sure they stay safe by locking them to the same chain as the boat.
The boat's equipment does not include life jackets, so bring your own flotation devices. Pebbles should be available on the beach, but not necessarily.
You can ask the following board members for the keys to the boat:
  • Kivi Knuuti, kivi.knuuti[at] o44 3615759
If you plan to use the boats often, you can claim the key as your "own" against a deposit. Even then, the boat must be booked as usual.